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Idea: the first complete guide to minecraft: minecraft survival guide

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What the Minecraft Survival Guide is

* A hands on tutorial of all of the "must know" elements of gameplay.
* A Quick Start guide to surviving your first night in this new
* An in-depth guide to every detail of Minecraft's game world -
Resources, Craftables, Creatures, Biomes, Dungeons, Portals and
even The Nether!
* You will get detailed information on every type of terrain and
block in the game, where it's found, how to collect it, what it
produces, how it's used and more! Explanations of some of the games
more elusive mechanics: Redstone Devices, Dispensers and even
* Detailed information on nearly every item in the game, how to get
it, craft it, use it... it goes on and on!
* A complete combat compendium, mobs in the world, and how to defeat
* And what Minecraft guide would be complete without teaching you how
to relax and enjoy what you have built and earned? You will also
find a complete musical guide to the Note Block!
* With over 120 pages of detailed Minecraft information ranging from
beginner to advanced, this guide has something for every Minecraft

Quick Guides

With your purchase you will also get access to all of these "Quick
which put vital information ready at your fingertips:
* Quick Block: A quick guide to all of the blocks in Minecraft.
* Quick Craft: A quick guide to all of the crafting recipes in
* Quick Mob: A quick guide to all of the mobs in Minecraft.

All future updates are FREE!


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*Notice: This is a downloadable product so it does not ship.

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The Guide is Endorsed by Paulsoaresjr and Luclin from MCWB

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